MBA of Texas February 2019 Mission Reports

February 1st balance: $52,762.40/ Offerings: $15,436.73/ Missionary Support: $13,550/ Admin. Salary: $2,600/ Expenses: (Minute Fund $4,969.27)(Designated $10)(General expense $127.84) $5,107.11/ February 28th balance: $46,942.02

                                                                                  (Minute Fund: $6,363.79)

                                                                                  Saved- 1  Letter- 2

          Since November 1st there have been 13 saved, 6 baptized, 2 joined by letter, and 0 joined by statement.

          The MBA of Texas was shared with the Central Texas Mission Rally at Sublett Road MBC in Arlington; Nevill’s Chapel MBC Faith Promise Conference in Mt. Pleasant; the Trinity River Mission Rally at Calvary MBC in Livingston; the Tri-County Mission Rally at Bassett Road MBC in Palestine; and the North Texas Ladies Auxiliary at New Hope MBC in Valley View.

                                                                           Leland Acker- Life Point MBC; Early

Goal: Our goal is to become self-supporting in 2019. Therefore, we are taking proactive steps to reaching more people in the community by direct contact, visitation, and by marketing the church and its message. In this effort, we relaunched our social media and online ministry, reaching 4,337 online, most of whom live in our local area. We also sent out 169 invitation letters, and made 7 visits to prospects. Our objective in doing this is to not only raise awareness of the Gospel, but also to identify those who will respond to the Gospel, and disciple them along the path to salvation, baptism, and church membership. These are not phenomenal numbers, but are a start in reaching our community.

Future Plans: Our plans for the next few months include our annual Community Sunrise Service on Easter, a Christian Country concert featuring Heather Smith, and a Vacation Bible School using ABA curriculum.

Project: Our ladies auxiliary is participating in the 2019 MBA of Texas Women’s Auxiliary Project. They collected $250 this month to send to the state project, which is the Berea Baptist Mission in Del Rio with Bro. Juan Gallegos. We encourage others to support this project as well.

Stats: The mission offering was $2,109 with $600 given to missions. Our averages were: 16 in SS; 18 in MW; 14 on WE; and 1 first time visitor. 

          Our mission may not be growing numerically the way we would like, but we are maturing. It is a blessing to see the group get excited about outreach and supporting missions.    Thank you for your prayers and support.

                                                                     Donald Trussell- Hill Country MBC- Kerrville

Busy: This month has been one of the busiest that I have ever had. At the beginning of the month, I was asked to preach the funeral of the dad of one of our members. His family knew that the man was lost and they gave me strict instructions to preach the Gospel message because they knew many people who would be in attendance were lost. There was around 100 people there and I challenged them to take stock of their lives with the sermon, “What Time Is It?” based on Ecc. 3. Two different ladies told me that they needed to hear that message and that they wanted to visit our church. The next morning, one of them texted me and asked for directions to the church because she would be attending and bringing friends. Regretfully, none of them ever showed up.

Moving: In the middle of packing to move into a camper, we finished up five weeks of premarital counseling with a young couple that I married on the 16th. After their reception, I went immediately to my boss’s house for a “campfire social,” which proved to be a good way to reach out to some new people and become closer to those that I was already acquainted with. My wife even had a conversation with one couple who believes in Calvinism and she was able to tell them about what the Bible says about the Gospel.

Stats: Our offering was $974.50 with $100 given to missions and $300 paid on rent. Our averages were; 9 in SS; 9 in MW; 10 in EW; and 7 in outside Bible studies.

          Our numbers were down this month because of several being out sick. Bro. Albert Roman has been out with a bad case of the shingles and Sis. Kay Lewis, our pianist, missed 3 Sundays in a row with a couple of viruses that she got, one after the other. As of this writing, we are not completely moved yet. Please pray for our strength, as my wife’s health is getting worse.

Sponsoring Church: We also need prayers because we are currently looking for a new sending church. This isn’t because of any problems that we have with them or they with us. If you have any questions you can contact Bro. Tommy Estes. God bless you all and thank you for your prayerful support.

                                                                              Joe Bozarth- Fellowship BC- Conroe

2 Acres: This month was a busy month. The city and the Title Company had many needs as far as closing on the new land. But we did get the job done and now we own the two-plus acres behind the building. Our need was because there is an apartment building and if they had purchase the land they could have built right up to our parking lot. Now that it is ours we are needing to remove the underbrush and prepare the acreage for activities. The Mission is excited to get started. We expect to do most of the work ourselves this spring.

Stats: We had 2 to join by letter. Our offering was $4,837, with $508.72 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on the loan. Our averages were 11 in SS; 14 in MW; 10 in EW and 10 in WE.

Visitors: Overall the month has been a good month we have had a lot of visitors, some were even prospects. A couple of months ago a couple visited us from Minnesota. When they arrived, they inquired at a Star Bucks Coffee shop, as to where a small Baptist church was located. The servers pointed them to us. So, it is important to get name recognition out in the community.

                                                                         Victor Rice- Shiloh MBC- San Antonio

Thanks: We give thanks for the support and prayers from the churches of the MBA of Texas. We are thankful that we are seeing more of our membership attending being most of them were affected by the crazy weather changes we had.

          We have lost some of our repeated visitors due to lack of committing to the Lord in their life, however the Lord is blessing with a new visitor who is seeking a change in his life and we are thankful that he came to our church even though he was invited to another church. Keep Raul in prayer as he said he felt welcome and heard the message of the Lord.

Stats: Our offering was $3,690.10 with $403.50 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent. Our averages were 15 in MW; 12 in EW; and 12 on WE.

Van: We give thanks for the 15 passenger van from Ten Mile MBC of Lonsdale, Ark. We are also thankful for Missionary BC of San Antonio for contributing to our van fund and we are already working it by picking up one from Haven of Hope refuge downtown and also picking up at the Silver Manor nursing home.

          Keep us in prayer as Satan is playing havoc with our city and country but our Lord will prevail as we proclaim the Good News of the Lord.

                                                                   Glenn McCarver- Borderland MBC- El Paso

Flu: Even though our attendance has been down this month (due to the flu going around), we are looking forward to a great March! We are enjoying the new Bible Study course that we started this month. It has been awesome to see the younger Christians asking in depth questions as we study. We also voted to begin sending support to three missionaries (to be decided this Sunday after a week of prayer), as well as sending an offering to the MBA of Texas towards our salary. The first checks will be sent at the end of next month.

Stats: Our averages were 8 in EW, 7 in Bible Study, a high of 10, with 4 repeat visitors.

          Also, please pray for us as we reach out to our community. We are looking forward to our first Easter Sunday service in April.

                                                                           Steven Haney- MBSF Director- Lubbock

Flu: This month we had some hurdles in the form of the flu, having 2 kids at 5 years old and 2 means our house is basically a petri dish that we just passed the flu back and forth for almost a week and a half.

Booth: Thankfully we are back to normal health and were able to have 3 of our Monday Bible Studies as well as Wednesday classes and got to meet with a student that hasn’t been in several weeks. We have a booth set for the first week in March for the free speech area on campus so please be in prayer for that and a fellowship at our house this Friday that I’m praying the students coming that have said they will bring friends will be able to come.

Financial Challenge & Health: Some of the biggest changes will be in our finances for this semester. We are asking prayer for our family as we try to grow in our faith with God. Danielle will be quitting her job at the first of May and we are trying to get our family budget to fit the $2,600 that we currently have in support. This will allow me more time on the field since she will be able to take care of the kids during the day. My wife’s fibromyalgia has made this a needed change that we have prayed about and feel like God is leading us to do as well.

Needed: We ask for your prayers as we try to get things worked around in this and we are still trying to reach out to churches to partner with us in order to reach our $4,500 a month support goal: $3,000 for my salary, $1,000 for mortgage and upkeep on an MBSF house, and $500 for miscellaneous expenses. We are so grateful for all those that are currently supporting us through your prayers and financial support and if you or your church is interested in hearing more about the work or our needs please call me at 903-722-1545 or email me at! Thank you and God bless! 

                                                                       David Smith- Lifeline BC- Mansfield

Thank God for one more Saved: Alice lead one of the children to Christ during her children’s ministry class. Always a blessing!

Muslim Ministry: We recently have developed relationships with 2 Muslim families. One family is from Jordan and the other from Palestine. The Jordanian family had us over for breakfast yesterday. Very good food, and some great conversation took place. Pray hard!

Erma Nash Elementary Family Night: Lifeline was invited to help supply food for the school special night. We provided 200 hot dogs! There were 6 volunteers from our church and our Muslim Lady from Jordan came along with us to participate. Great interaction! She enjoyed serving with us. Her name is Rawaa, a very sweet lady.

February was a low month: However, we saw a resurgence in attendance on the last Sunday; 25 attended with 4 new guests.

Plans for outreach: We are preparing our church for greater outreach and planning for an extraordinary Easter service. We are praying for baptisms on Easter as well.

Three Church BBQ: Two African churches are working with us to have Spring BBQ/picnic Evangelism Outreach in May. Pray for the success of the outreach please.

Stats: Our offering was $1,971, with $300 given to missions and $650 paid on rent. Our averages were 17 in MW, 5 in small groups and 5 in Venus small groups. We also had 4 first time visitors. Praise God for 1 salvation!

Food Bank: We have connected with our Muslim neighbors by way of providing a food bank ministry. The produce has opened numerous doors already in our community. Our second Muslim family is down the street. After bringing produce to them they invited us in for a visit. We had a very good conservation. Pray for the opportunity to share Jesus.

                                                                     Daniel Tijerina- A New Beginning BC- Mission

Sponsor Church & Anniversary: Our sponsoring church Pastor Ray Williams and two church members Brothers Robby and Bobby Pointer visited A New Beginning Feb. 8-11. We had a great time of fellowship. A New Beginning celebrated 13 years of service to our Lord and King on Feb. 10, 2019.

Visitors: We had several first time visitors this month. A New Beginning and Unity MBC rejoice and are very thankful to the Lord for His Mercy and Grace.

Fellowship: We had a fellowship with Mt. Calvary MBC in Pharr, with pastor Jonathan Robles. We have also been in close contact with Iglesia Bautista Getsemani. We are planning on sending our youth to camp this summer for the first time in many years.

Outreach: We have established new relationships with several young people and families this month. Some of our outreach material has arrived. Keep praying so that we can reach out to people that live near and far from our meeting place so that they can know where we are located, our service time, and our contact information.

Stats: We are working with 7 families and are averaging 28 in MW; 12 in EW; and 10 on WE. Should you have any questions call me at 956-240-5717 or email me at

Future Plans: We are waiting on the Lord to provide us with a permanent meeting Church next year.

Thanks: All Honor and Glory to our Lord and King for His Grace and Mercy. We are grateful to all the churches that give faithfully to the MBA of Texas, TMD, and TMB. We want to thank our sponsoring church-Unity MBC of Longview, and Pastor Ray Williams for their prayers and support.