MBA of Texas
Mission Policy


Statement of Mission Policy


We hold, as Churches composing the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas, that the authority for execution of the Great Commission was given to the New Testa- ment Church, and the authority must remain forever with the churches. Therefore the right and privilege of every church of this Association to endorse, set apart, or send out missionaries is wholly within the rights of each church regardless of the opinions or vote of the messengers.


The Messengers of churches of the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas will not consider requests for mission support unless it is a church associated with, and sub- scribing to, the principles and practices of the churches of the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas.


I. State Mission work shall be defined as that which is used to assist churches to fulfill the Great Commission:
1. Reach the Lost,
2. Baptize the saved,
3. Teach the baptized church member.
A. These works may consist of:
Work to establish a new church.
Work with existing church to prevent its demise.
II. Special mission projects that do not include all three points of the Great Commission may be considered for designated funds. (E.G. = missionary helpers, church or mission ministries)


We recommend that churches seek fields in sections of the state where we have no churches.


Each church requesting support for a missionary or mission project must submit to the office of the Secretary Treasurer of Missions, by September 15th, a detailed report of the plan of the church for its establishment of a new church or its plans for aiding in the turnaround of an existing church., or in special mission endeavors. We request a detailed report of the missionary including his age, his family living at home, his education and experience in mission work. The report must provide how the church plans to use the requested support and their financial involvement in all areas of mission work.


We recognize that a missionary elected by his local church, if it be a scriptural church, is a scriptural missionary.


Each request will be considered individually for the requested amount of support. lf the MBA of Texas funds decline to $20,000, the Secretary] Treasurer will be permitted to use his discretion to prorate the funds or offering proportionately for all request and all salaries, (with the exception of the Secretary] Treasurer because they have no direct church sponsorship). Reimbursements will not be implemented until the balance of the MBA of Texas reaches $25,000. If a missionary is incapacitated either by an accident or illness and has to resign the mission field, his salary may continue up to six months upon request by the spon- soring church. In the event of the death of a missionary, his salary request will be given to his widow or dependent children for the ensuing six months upon request by the sponsoring church.


Each church receiving support for their mission work shall provide the Secretary/ Treasurer a monthly progress report. Support for the month will not be mailed by the Secretary/Treasurer if a report has not been received.