MBA of Texas
2018 Articles of Agreement

Articles of Agreement


This association shall be known as the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas.

ARTICLE II -- Object

The object of this Association shall be to awaken a deeper interest in the welfare of the churches, to cultivate a closer fellowship among the churches, and to encourage and perpetuate the very greatest possible activity in missionary, educational and benevolent enterprises.

ARTICLE III -- How Composed

Section 1. This Association shall be composed of such regular independent Missionary Baptist Churches as may voluntarily choose to cooperate in carrying out the object of this Association.
Section 2. The Messenger Assemblies of this Association shall be composed of mes- sengers elected by the churches composing it.
Section 3. Each church choosing to represent in this Association shall be entitled to three messengers.
Section 4. Each church shall be the sole judge of the qualification of her messengers.

ARTICLE IV -- Nature

The Messenger Assembly of this Association shall be, in nature, formed as a council in matters pertaining to missionary, education and benevolent work.

ARTICLE V -- Principles

The Messenger Assembly of this Association shall recognize the freedom of speech as essential to the highest achievement in its work. It shall stand or fall on its own conformity to the truth. It shall exercise no ecclesiastical authority, but it shall, by every precaution recognize the independence and sovereignty of every individual church. It shall also encourage on the part of the church and the messengers the greatest possible freedom of expression in discussing matters pertaining to its work.

ARTICLE VI -- Powers

The action of the Messenger Assembly shall be limited to the work of awakening enthusiasm in missionary, educational and benevolent enterprises and receiving and distributing funds for the same.


Section 1. All funds of this Association shall be raised by voluntary donations se- cured solely upon the merits of the cause in the interest of which appeals are made for gifts: provided, this is not to prevent the use of any income or any property that may be acquired by donation or by purchase.
Section 2. Distribution of funds shall be authorized by an act of this Messenger As- sembly, or by an act of properly authorized committees of this assembly hereinafter provided for; but in no instance shall the assembly or any committee of it use means in violation of the expressed preference of the donor.

ARTICLE VIII -- Officers

Section 1. The officers of this Messenger Assembly shall be a moderator, and assistant moderator, two (2) recording secretaries and a corresponding secretary-treasurer.
Section 2. All officers of this assembly shall be chosen annually, and shall hold their offices until their successors are elected and the same shall be true of all members of standing committees. All officers shall be elected by a majority of the messengers voting. No moderator shall succeed himself more than one year.
Section 3. The duties of all officers shall be as directed by the Messenger Assembly, unless otherwise directed by the churches.
Section 4. It shall be the duty of the corresponding secretary treasurer to take charge of money and valuables not specifically entrusted to someone else and to dispose of same as he may be directed by this Messenger Assembly. He shall make an annual report to this assembly of all monies received and disbursed.
Section 5. The recording secretaries, in addition to keeping the records of this As- sociation, will superintend the printing and distribution of minutes of such regular meetings as the messengers may direct.

ARTICLE IX -- Committees

Section 1. The missionary committee shall be composed of one representative of each church choosing to be represented. The duty of the committee shall be to meet quarterly, or as directed by the Messenger Assembly, in the interest of all the work. It shall be empowered to fill vacancies of regular offices between sessions of the Messenger Assembly and to call a special meeting of a Messenger Assembly when needed.
Section 2. The following officers of the Assembly shall be the trustees of the association: Namely, the moderator, assistant moderator, two recording secretaries and secretary-treasurer, subject to the direction of the Messenger Assembly, and they are empowered to act in legal capacity as trustees of the Association.

ARTICLE X -- Missionaries

We hold that the authority for execution of the Great Commission was given to the New Testament Church and the authority must remain forever with the churches. Therefore, the right and privilege of every church of this Association to endorse, set apart and send out missionaries of its own choosing and the act of one church in sending out missionaries can in no way bind or obligate any other church. The churches shall be free and their support of missionaries shall be voluntary on their part.

ARTICLE XI --Meetings

The regular meetings of the Church Messengers shall be at such time and place as the assembled messengers may appoint.

ARTICLE XII -- Amendments

The Messenger Assembly shall have no power to change the Articles of Agreement. Any church desiring a change shall send to the annual meeting a copy of the pro- posed change; the Messenger Assembly will then submit the proposed change to each cooperating church; if two-thirds of the cooperating churches vote for the change, then the Article of Agreement shall be amended to conform to the proposed change. Two-thirds of the churches representing in assembly in the previous year shall be the number determining the results.