John 9:8-12 “A Blind Blind Man Sees the Light:  The Neighbors See a Change”
Introduction:  The blind man was cured of his physical blindness by Jesus and immediately his neighbors see a difference in him.  So profound was the change that everyone was amazed.  To his neighbors he is like a new and completely different person.  When the spiritually blind receive their sight those around them will see a difference in their lives.  Nothing is said of the life of the blind man after this chapter but let us observe what changes are seen in him and how they resemble the changes seen in those who have received their spiritual sight.


I. Neighbors and casual acquaintances see a difference.

(John 9:8)  The neighbours therefore, and they which before had seen him that he was blind, said, Is not this he that sat and begged?

            A. The blind man told everyone that he could now see.

            B.  The neighbors know him well and they see such a drastic change that they even question if it is the same man.

            C.  The casual acquaintances of this man question if it is the same man.

            D.  They bring up his past.  He sat and He begged.  Same place all the time.

            E.  Now he is not sitting and not begging and going new places.


II.  The mixed reaction to the change.

(John 9:9)  Some said, This is he: others [said], He is like him: [but] he said, I am [he].

            The ones who say “This is he” believe that a miracle has occurred. Those who say “He is like him” believe that no miracle has occurred.  But the blind man knows and affirms that a miracle has indeed been preformed. 

            Let us examine first those who say “He is like him.” This man was healed just a matter of hours ago.  It may be assumed that he had not changed in stature.  He was as tall or short as he was previously and was not significantly heavier or lighter than when he was blind.  He certainly has not gone home and changed clothes nor altered his physical appearance in any way.  The only noticeable difference is seen in his eyes.  His eyes now function with eyelids that blink and perform their normal function.  The other difference in this man is that he is now seen in places where he has never been seen before.   He now has the ability to branch out of familiar streets and places to new places where people are not use to seeing him.  Those who do not want to admit that a miracle has occurred will take the least change in an individual as proof that a miracle has not taken place.

The reason they want to deny the miracle is due to their lack of faith.  It may be that they suspect it is Jesus who has done the miracle and they do not want to accept him as the Christ. 

            Those who say “This is he” know without a doubt that a miracle has occurred and consequently have no problem accepting for they have faith that miracles can happen.  These will have no problem accepting that Jesus has done this miracle and is, at the very least, from God.  These are reasonable men and faithful men.  They look at the facts and come to proper conclusions.  There have been men who preformed miracles by the power of God but in the case of Jesus it is God himself, Immanuel, in the flesh that has preformed this miracle. 

            The blind formerly blind man testifies that he is the same man that all these have seen who sat and begged.  Others may deny that a miracle has occurred but he knows for a fact that he has been miraculously changed.  This one fact he will hold on to tightly and will never be made to believe anything else.  He will be persecuted and pressured to deny the miracle but to no avail for he knows what he was and what he is now.


III.  Those who have faith and those who do not alike want to know how the miracle came to pass.

(John 9:10)  Therefore said they unto him, How were thine eyes opened?

            The blind formerly blind man has testified to being the same man as before who sat and begged so these people all want to know how this came to be.  Those who have faith and believe that a miracle has been done want to know the details.  They seek an explanation for the change as to what happened.  Those who do not believe in miracles want to know if it is a miracle or is there some other explanation.  Perhaps there is some medicine that has been discovered which cures blindness.  Perhaps he was hit by lightening or received a blow to the head and his sight was restored.  There explanation that it is a different man has been disproved by the testimony of the man himself.  They seek another answer other than that a miracle has occurred. 


IV. The change comes because of Jesus.

(John 9:11)  He answered and said, A man that is called Jesus made clay, and anointed mine eyes, and said unto me, Go to the pool of Siloam, and wash: and I went and washed, and I received sight.

            In his response notice that he gives them we find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  He does not exaggerate the story or embellish it in any way.  The way he was healed is simple and without pomp or ceremony.  It is like Naaman of the old testament who thought the prophet would come out to him and strike his hands over the place and through some ritual would heal him of his leprosy but instead he was told to simply go to the river and wash seven times.  The miracle came in a simple way and was instantaneous and complete.

            The blind man knew several things about this miracle which has occurred.  He knows that is was a man who put the clay on his eyes.  He knows the man’s name is Jesus.  He knows what he was instructed to do and that when he followed those instructions he received his sight.  The miracle was not in the clay but in the name, that is to say, by the power and authority of Jesus.


V. The Change is just the beginning.

(John 9:12)  Then said they unto him, Where is he? He said, I know not.

            A man with such power is much sought for by men.  One with such power must be from God and should be honored and in the case of Jesus worshiped.  One with such power would be able to heal others.  Jesus has hid himself from the crowd for they had wanted to stone him in the Temple.  He has not done this miracle to be seen of men but to help a blind man to see the light of the Gospel.  This man will see that light and will receive spiritual sight.  He will be able to see the kingdom of God because of a man called Jesus.  This blind man will be eternally grateful to Jesus for curing both his eye sight and his spiritual blindness. 


Conclusion: A change will be seen in those who get saved.

1. They do not return to their old life style any more.

2. They are seen in new places and not the old.

3. Their experience with Jesus was simple and without great fanfare.

4. They joyfully tell everyone what has happened to them.

5.  They do not hide the fact that they are the same person.

6. They are eternally grateful for what Jesus has done.


Do others see a difference in your life?  Has there been a change in you that is so profound that your neighbors question if it is even you?  Every child of God should show the change that Jesus had made in their lives.  Don’t dress like the world.  Don’t talk like the world.  Let others see the change in you.