Walnut Street Baptist Church Building use policy for weddings:

The following fees will apply to all inactive and non-church members for the use of the Facilities of Walnut Street Baptist Church for any wedding ceremony.













The check is to be made out to Walnut Street Baptist Church.

††††††††††† The fellowship hall, sound Technician, Pianist/Organist, and Pastor are optional. No one other than a sound technician from the church may operate the sound system.You may use your own tape or CD player but it will not be played over the house system.You may use your own pianist/organist provided they are competent to use the church piano/organ.If you choose to use a church sound technician or pianist it is expected that you contact them and make the necessary arrangements.If you choose to use the Pastor, the church is to be reimbursed for the use of the Pastorís time.If you do not use the Pastor the one performing the ceremony must be a minister of like faith and order i.e. a Baptist minister, of whom the church would approve.

††††††††††† The above fees apply provided there is no damage to the church property.Any additional charges may be added if deemed necessary by the deacon board.The church retains the right to deny the use of the church facilities at its discretion.

††††††††††† This is the house of God and this church expects that it will be treated with the reverence and respect owed to Godís house.

The following rules must be followed when using our facilities.

1. Janitor must be contacted in advance so he will be available on said date.A fee of $100.00 is included in the building use fee for the janitor.The Janitor will inspect to see that the church has been restored to its proper condition and that no damage has occurred.

2. The party responsible for the auditorium must help replace podium and all furniture in the auditorium before leaving.

3. All candles used in the auditorium must be metal or votive candles.Large unity candles must have plastic placed carefully underneath at all times.All wax on the carpet will be removed at the userís expense.

4. Those securing the facilities for the occasion will be responsible for any broken or misplaced articles and will be expected to replace same.

5.Spills must be cleaned up at once.†††††††††††††††††††††

6. Curfew time is 11:00 p. m.

7. NO ALCOHOLIC beverages are allowed on the Church property.

8. NO SMOKING in any of the buildings belonging to Walnut Street Baptist Church.

Prices may change without prior notice.